the interior a country house laminated veneer lumber 270 sq m

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The main lobby/atrium of the Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability on the UBC

Houses made of laminated veneer wood, strong and durable. He will not dry and not be deformed, and the interior of the house of laminated veneer wood can be stylish and elegant.

Outer wall of purple, shades of "eggplant", using an antiseptic coating. The individual elements in the facade of the house were painted white to express.

The interior walls of the house designer are handled with special colors, which give wood color, while at the same time not concealing its expression's consistency.

On each floor – separate living room. At the bottom – with a fireplace, a large and elegant. The wall to the left of the fireplace in the dark, until the TV does not stand a black spot on a bright background as well.

On the second floor of a living room, a cozy living room. Equipped with sliding doors, it is easily converted into a bedroom for guests: closing doors and folding sofa. But most of all rooms in the interior of the house of laminated veneer seem like a playground: here loved to gather the hostess children and their friends.

The total area of ​​the house is small, but it produces intrusion close: help expand the space large living room, hall and terrace, which can be reached from the kitchen while performing in the dining room.

Each member of this large family and has its own private room of up to 15 square meters in size. just a little more bedroom -. 20 square meters. m.