the interior chalet style houses

Gorgeous Homes in Alpine Chalet Style, Country Home
Gorgeous Homes in Alpine Chalet Style, Country Home Decorating Ideas

The interior of the chalet-style house is the best companion for the place where there is one – it is a well-known winter sports resort, has long been to attract fans of winter sports. Alps unusually picturesque, which makes the view from the window in a fascinating image that you can enjoy forever.

Mountains and forests that surround the house, which go in the woods and wood, used in the interior. Here you can relax after passing a heavy ski slope, take a bath or lie on pillows.

Design house in the cottage style seamlessly melts the surrounding surrounding landscape. It is made of natural materials, both outside and inside. This corresponds to popular tradition, because the house is always built on the fact that under the arms and in the Alps "at hand" only stones and the mighty trees.

While finishing materials often seem delusional, and the whole house is more of a "male" character, the entire inside of the chalet style gives the impression of a cozy and warm. Here you can relax and soul and body.

Eat – main decoration in the room and views reminiscent of the construction of a medieval castle. But this is only in appearance: in fact, a modern and well-suited not only for decoration, but also for heating of homes.

A large opening in the wall opens the dining room. It is all wood, even the lamps are made of this warm material. Chandelier – former root of the tree, finish the construction of the branches, a floor lamp, a large light on the table – all mounted parts of the branches.

In order to facilitate the perception of the interior, the table itself is made of glass and large windows as if the room enters the snowy alpine expanses.

The kitchen is in the interior of the house in a chalet-style crucible, everything is simple and strict. No regular kitchen apron or cupboard above it, nor the usual details. The wall above the work surface is lined with stone, everything else – a tree.

Master bedroom – one of the most comfortable in the house. Here too, a lot of wood – it's on the ceiling, in your pocket, which is a hidden agency. But the walls – white light – light and sensitive on the bed – lingon and soft plaid felt of fur.

The design of the chalet-style house is one of the bright rooms, with a tender, even romantic atmosphere.

But the bathroom with this bedroom fully complies with the general character of the house – the brutal, and also a bit gloomy. "Chaos" stone walls, sink, chopped out of a stone block, a mirror in a stone frame