the interior design a private house from guilherme torres

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VD House is a private residence designed by Studio Guilherme Torres it's full of wood and shades of blue, classic furniture and art objects.

Studio Guilherme Torres is located in Studio Brazil's Sao Paulo. Guilherme Torres – a perfectionist. Fresh shapes, minimalist details and strong colors, all of which characterize their projects. The balance between strictly aesthetic architecture and a certain playful lightness can be found in the interior of private homes their projects.

The house is presented with 2 blocks with cutting3 bedrooms and hidden premises. The living room has access to a 16-meter pool, and plenty of daylight during daytime. As the main material used in the finishing of cement and wood. The interior of a private house dominated by warm shades of brown colors.

Studio Guilherme Torres Company Introductory Project Casa OM Private Home. House total area is 250 sqm, it is located in the municipality of Londrina in Brazil. The customer wanted his house to be spacious to accommodate a big family this weekend, but at the same time compact, comfortable and suitable for a daily 2-person.