the interior design a small hallway ideas for small apartments

7 Small ish Hallways That Are Maxed Out on Style | Apartment Therapy

A small hall in the apartment – this is the problem, equivalence at the same time. On the one hand – there is little that fits two people and, as they say, do not turn around, but on the other hand – a large hall "eats" a useful living space, which is so valuable in a small apartment. So today we will focus on how to arrange the interior in a small hall.

Since the corridors of our time – this is the place of shedding and outerwear storage and room to freshen up before leaving the house, and in many cases there are also cabinets that store the necessary things in everyday life. So try to summarize the provisions for the implementation of a small hall.

Keep in mind that about the place and the sift thing from what you stop in the hall closet, two, better not to be. Perhaps it's sensible to move the storage system into another room, for example, in the bedroom or nursery, and in the corridor to leave only a hanger and a shelf for shoes. So it will be more beautiful and spacious.

Use compact storage system. If you have a small hall is a hanger, it should be done under rational use: place at the bottom of the deep square baskets for storing small things that are necessary in the corridor. When planning to place in the hall a large wardrobe, consider doing it on order: so that you can use every centimeter of useful living space.

Pay attention to areas that are not occupied by any wall above the level of your vision. Perhaps it's advisable to insert a mezzanine or open shelves with things that you do not use everyday, but it still has to be stored somewhere.