the interior design of the attic or ceiling

Interior Design Ideas Turning Attics into Modern Interiors
small kitchen with wood ceiling

The popularity depends on the use of the wind row of positive effects – significantly increases living space, which can be issued – as a sleeping area or office. Uplifting heat and zvukozaschity home, which reduces the amount of heat loss through the ceiling and reduces heating costs. Improved aesthetics outside of the building, it is possible to provide the desired architectural features direction decorative features use like windows, pillars, arches, conical, polygonal ceilings any shape.

Often the windshield has strong ceilings, often asymmetric and hiding inaccessible scrubs and narrow passages. In this publication we offer several options for resettlement in the wind bedroom. Inspirational design ideas show that organizing a comfortable room with an attractive look can be, even in the small and complex geometry of the indoor windshield.

Modern materials and the simplicity of their applicationIt allows you to turn the technical part of the building under the roof into a practical, elegant accommodation. It finds that it has a romantic atmosphere, relaxing energy that promotes recovery.

If the area of ​​the windshield allows, sleeping for two or more people in the organization, will be a great opportunity to make a rational use of every inch of your living room.

Children like small rooms, nice and comfortable room on the wind can be a wonderful place to organize a bed or playroom.

Cozy little rooms are well forbidden. Using colorful ways to trim, compact furniture, toys, the wind will be a big nursery where he can play with friends, read, watch TV or engage in your favorite business. Many children dream about their territory, that would be good just for them.

In the wind, you can arrange a teenage room to satisfy the needs of its maturity in technology, musical instruments, sports hobbies, place the picture on the wall in your favorite guys, musicians, actors. There he will be able to spend with friends repetition, education or just a break from the training. Tonight's bedroom can be arranged in a trendy loft style.

This construction means the almost total lack of decoration, and the similarity of the living room with an industrial plant, basement, hangar, garage or replocal.

The interior of the wind in the style of Provence is much needed because it is perfect for small cozy rooms under the roof of the house. French Provence – is the twin brother of the well-known country music style. But through choppy and pale wood furniture and natural stone processing, the carved and forged parts, vivid and bright flowers, decorate ornaments that blow in the sunny summer. The design of the wind in the style of Provence very well suited for both wood and stone to build. The walls in the room in this case are best to plaster and clean. Just perfect if the furniture will be made of warm aged wood. When registering you should use a light airy textile – beautiful curtains on the windows with undersized designs, pillows and tops with a tip.

Another variation on the theme of the provincial romance – Alpine cottage. This style is evident in tapestries, blankets, hand embroidery, wooden beams on the ceiling and a fireplace indispensable.

In the case of furniture, it is ideal for leather furniture, particular emphasis on the design of this wind room is made on all types of elegant furnishings. This hunting attribute can be hung on the wall or on the skull floor.