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Bright apartment in Bucharest

As with some details to make Interior elegant and colorful? It's not hard. That way, we could see by looking at a very light, non-standard apartment, located in Bucharest. She managed to elegantly transform visually enlarge and make functional.

Elegant living room design
The apartments, which will be discussed today, are total area – 71 square meters, of which only 64 are inhabited squares as for 3-room apartments are not very much. Therefore, it was necessary here too to fight for square meters and invent visual tricks, which would extend the space.

Due to the combination kitchen and living room has been shown a large room

bright interior

The designer has been inspired by nature to create this interior

Vibrant details in the interior

Almost all furniture is made to order

Interesting light interior
Kitchen and living room have decided to merge to make the main room is big and bright. The living room was the most active part of color throughout the apartment. The kitchen is ready in a monochrome color scheme. Exact lines, black and white contrast made this area a very cozy and elegant.

The apartment has an area of ​​71 square meters
Interior decoration in RomanianDesigner Irina Pogonaru (Irina Pogonaru). In the background, she chose the white color, which is associated with an empty cloth. On it stands contrasting interior, executed in rich tropical colors. And a kind of contrast was originally thought of by Irina. She was inspired by nature with its bright and saturated colors.

elegant kitchen

Monohnomnaya range in the kitchen

Elegant dining room

Convenient and beautiful!
Family – Three live in this apartment Romania and their children. The bedroom was decorated in soothing warm colors. Decorate minimalist, but tasteful. The interior of the entire apartment felt subtle elements of art deco, and the bedroom (and kitchen) was expressed sufficiently clearly. For example, a large soft bed sheet captures the eye immediately. Bedside table barely noticeable, but its brilliance, they emphasize elegance in this little interior. One of the walls takes a wardrobe with mirror doors that create a very interesting visual effect. Thanks to them, seems to be what it really is the room.

The mirror effect in the bedroom

Elegant bedroom design

Mirrored wardrobe visually expands the room

Elegant soft bedspread
Children's chambers are also different square meters. It would not fit standard furniture as usually in the kids. Because this interior is applied practical solution – multifunctional furniture is made to order. This wardrobe immediately storage, library, chest of drawers and bed. Bright apartment atmosphere in this room support colored wallpaper and furniture fronts. There is a children's room and a desk, behind which child can do homework, read and create. This furniture is also made to order, it has proved more profitable for the price than buying ready-made options in the store.