The interior wooden house logs in suburbs

Dream House - Oregon Oceanfront Log Cabin (30

The designers have created a unique interior designer who tried to revitalize the Russian people's style. The foundation of the house has become a real frame of thick logs, so characteristic of Russia for centuries.

The house is surrounded by a large terrace of wood resilience to moisture – larch. For safety reasons the fence is made almost invisible, as they are made of glass.

Inside, the house is filled with exclusive animals from all over the world. In the living room, focuses on the chimney – it's design, very modern, but does not appear in the interior of a wooden house from logs any foreign objects.

Around the fireplace is a pallet stool placed at the Italian factory and design armchairs ergonomic shape.

Living segments are divided into functional areas: eat where guests can gather and family members, which are a kind of "business cards" at home, restaurants, incorporate bar, TV room with sofa and multimedia and kitchen, where there is everything for cooking.

The unexpected decision for the interior of a log-sized window in the floor and high ceilings, whereby the wall, so to speak divorced, and inside the house looks very spacious. Clear days, the sun literally poures it, penetrates each corner, so to give the comfort room on the window hung very thick curtains.

Dining group is located in such a way that you sit at the table to enjoy the view of the forest, opening through large windows.

For evening lighting, the ceiling fixtures and kitchens are also awarded a stylish suspension of complex curved shapes. The kitchen is equipped with modern technology, which is not obvious, and can handle its responsibilities.

The interior of the wooden house from logs specialIt happens divan space area, full of unique objects. The lamp on the table came from India, at its base – a piece of old wood and wrought iron stand works as a composition, made to order on design sketches.

Pretty soft sofa – small console is hidden multimedia devices, and above it – TV panel. The console also on design drawings, like most things for the house.

Russian log cabin interior can not do the oven – and here it is. In the old days in rich home furnaces rocks tiles in modern conditions the designer chose to trim the onyx and granite tiles.