the lampshade made paper table lamp with your hands

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Gathered a lot of old newspapers, good! Do not hurry to throw them out. There are many ideas on how to use paper trash. We invite you to a workshop on the creation of the author table lamp with a shade of paper.

Interpret logs on double leaves, cut iband width and fifteen centimeters, a length of about twenty. For the lampshade made of paper required for one hundred tubes, it may be more dependent on the number of pieces of the variation form product.

To create a table lamp with their own hands we need:

These "rolls" glue along the edges, the sore throat to become thick and stiff. Next, wrap and size of paper you have chosen for the final color of the lamp. Alternatively, you can use multiple colors of paper, according to the color of the interior.

Get a lampshade made of paper dress on the selected luminaire.