the lighting in bathroom

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Recessed Lighting

There is no doubt in every home the bathroom should ignore the lack of light. Windows is usually not so, so you should carefully consider the artificial lighting in the bathroom. And it's usually divided into three levels – upper, lower and working. The degree of lighting is directly dependent on the correct location of fixtures in certain areas.

The rooms a small surface to ensure the highlights of the bathroom, you can use a single lamp if the same large bathroom for a uniform lighting should be installed some bright spots, such as built-in halogen lamps, or to build a multi-level lighting.

In both cases, on the right, with the help of recessed luminaires, space is separated around the mirror, as a washbasin with mirror is the most important point in the room. Installation of the light in the bathroom can be done in two forms: in parallel, from top and side mirrors, the place gives a lamp on both sides.

It is worth making sure that the light was not facing the side of the face, or eyes will be permanently blinded. You need to install the lights so they could not see in the mirror. For diffraction light rays in the bathroom, use white or matt shade.

If often happens that even with the lighting face in the mirror is obscured, it is possible to install additional lighting for small size mirrors around.

Nowadays more and more are becoming more popular special baths, where already light is built. Of course, this option of lighting in the bathroom would be very expensive for many.

Who can not afford to buy a bath, you can assign a separate bath area bright spot. For example, to mount on bathroom wall lamp with glass cupboard.

Next to the bathroom, you can put a portable lamp on tall legs. Thus, under the bath water will be poured from light rays.

Another interesting alternative lighting in the bathroom -This bright furniture. It is possible to mount small lights in each drawer and cabinet. It gives a special feeling to the interior and allows better focus on finding the right things.

You can also experiment with outdoor light in the bathroom and the use of different colors.