the malogabaritki with smart design 30 square meters functional interior

Malogabaritki 31 meter štvorcový | malý byt |
Malogabaritki 31 meter štvorcový

Malogabaritki with smart design

Interior small flats should be the most concise, handsome and practical. How to properly divide the space in functional zones, but avoid the feeling of tightness? To answer these questions, we decided to see a real example – apartments, the area does not exceed 30 square meters.

Successful zone division malogabaritki
To divide the space visually and protect one zone from another, we used small partitions of plasterboard, another color on the floor and a small podium in the kitchen.

Layout of the apartment, 30 square meters
The first advantage of this was the malogabaritkilayout. In fact, it is a rectangular space without walls and partitions. There is practically no hall, kitchen combined with the rest of the space, and the bathroom is very small. Despite the small area of ​​the apartment successfully planned.

The kitchen in a small apartment

The interior of the little hall

Inside corridor in malogabaritki

The interior of a small bathroom

interior malogabaritki
An important role in the design of malogabaritkispela colors. There is a standard for small spaces. But white harm diluted splash spring colors – purple and green on the curtains, which are present on potted plants. To balance and balance space, the floor of the living room is chosen in a warm dark shades, which in the kitchen and hall floors have preferred lighter.

Spotlights on all perimeter of the ceiling
In the interior there are sufficient number of glossy surfaces, which run on a visual enhancement of light. In the case of lighting, there was a picture window with a beautiful view of the spring in this apartment a real gem. It is possible to fill the room with natural light, which is very important for a small space. In addition, the embedded small headlights on the entire perimeter of the ceiling. Because of this at different times of the day, you can create different lighting scenarios.

Overnight and where everything is hidden bedplacera? This apartment is full of surprises and original solutions. For example, near the dining room has a comfortable place to rest. In fact, it hides under the bed, which, if needed, is comfortable and rolls to roll back. Here there is almost unnoticed wardrobe, where the entire wardrobe is perfect. In addition, the apartment has a built-in shelves and a hidden cabinet that has helped to clean up the apartment.

Laconic interior malogabaritki

From the lift rolls out from below the pallet

Mirror doors in the corridor
Make it concise and functional interior It was possible thanks to an intelligent storage system. We have found 17 more wonderful inventions that help save space, and forget about the mess.