The maritime mood with bathroom blue color

Tranquil Colors Inspired By The Sea - 11
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Marine mood, fresh air, hot spray, I want to experience such feelings as often as possible. Quick and easy to create right at home, blue bathrooms will help you create the right mood for each day.

Blue color is good in the design of all rooms and habits of the times, of course it is usually applied to the toilet, as a symbol of the element of water, and also because of the ability of a light blue shade to deepen the space visually expand the wall and "pick up "thanks. It is necessary to take into account the following tips on bathing in blue, this is exactly what you want to see in his apartment.

The dark blue color is important to complement "heavy dentures" is a mirror framed in bulk, forged nickel-plated accessories, must also solve the problem on coverage. Correctly exposed light will create a complete image of the interior. This blue bathroom will fill you with peace, confidence and a sense of wealth.

Whatever shape or purchased bath in blue, or someone else, let the element water always fill you with joy and freshness.

Pictures blue bathroom with bath acrylic in bright colors with the use of wood in the aftertaste.

Pictures blue bathroom with mosaic shower, bath and sink.