the mechanisms sofa layout

Fall Savings on Loon Peak Alviso Reclining Sofa
Loon Peak Alviso Reclining Sofa W000000065 Recliner Mechanism: Manual, Upholstery: Silt

Mechanisms for sofa layouts distinguish the convenience of use and mechanical strength. Of course, they are different and look, and that the free space required to smoothly spread and collect bed. There are models that can easily be transformed into a bed and a child, and there are those where you need skill and strength.

Choose among the many types of conversion of sofas, remember that you can lay sleeping on a daily basis or just occasionally when the house guests down.

Movement: To expand the sofa, we raise the chair and pull it towards you. It is a reliable, proven mechanism for folding sofa.


Movement: The seat moves forward and then falls back the rest of the sofa. In fact, such mechanisms sofas layouts and arrangements can hardly be called: leaving the seat by pushing along guides, back drops in manual mode.


Movement: Among other types of conversion of sofas characterized by special care to the floor: the wheels do not move over the floor, the seat moves along a path that resembles a semicircle.


Movement: a "musical" name this mechanism of folding divan got a resemblance to the principle of stretching the bellows in this musical instrument. The seat is raised until it clicks and then adds the estimate.

Movement: The seat draws all other parts. For the design of the sofa you need to pull the seat belt, tucked away at the bottom.