The minimalism style in bathroom features photos

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Bathroom in minimalist style – the best option for small apartments, in cases where it is impossible to distribute a large area for the unit's sanitary facilities. The main features of this style – a minimum of things, maximum comfort.

In the annex to the bathroom this style allows you to leave the free area as much as possible, to avoid congestion and yet have a nice space for hygiene, where it is nice and easy to use as.

Minimalism in the bathroom – a simple shape, shine, a sense of purity and freshness. The most popular color – white, it is possible to add a black and different shades of gray. This combination is a classic, and you can create some very interesting space.

Finish white room with black color makes it very effective. In this case, a wall can be gray, softening the sharp contrast.

Stylish and elegant decor could look, designed entirely in a single color, like white.

As in other areas, it is necessary to follow the general rules for creating a harmonious environment: do not use more than three different colors and shades.

Minimalist style in the bathroom can be created and use other colors – like beige, sand, natural white. In contrast to this case, there may be different shades of brown – coffee, milk chocolate or bitter.

Pretty popular with construction bathroom game textures: shiny surface varnished with frosted. But to engage in such a game can not, it is relevant primarily in monochrome interiors.

If you intend to issue a bathroom in stilminimalism, you must carefully approach the choice of plumbing. It should not delay attention being too artistic or too simple. Strong, elegant lines without unnecessary roundness or corners – what you need to emphasize style. Same verified in shape should be and cranes.

Elegant and modern looking cockpit without pallets, in this case, all "fillings" are removed on the floor or a special stage. These cottages look bright and airy, do not spoil the volume.