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Bathroom Inspiration: The Do's and Don'ts of Modern Bathroom Design 29

Elegant and modern bathroom.
Bathroom – is not only the place for guided hygiene, but also a place of rest. To the rest was efficient, the room should be not only comfortable, but also beautiful. In our review of the collected examples of the most striking and elegant solutions in the interior of the bathroom.

Bathroom with open wall.
A modern bathroom with an open wall and a fantastic wood furnishings.

Cozy suite with a fireplace.
The elegant bathroom with marble finish, a large vaulted window and a fireplace.

Bathroom with original metal accessories.
Spacious, bright bathroom with a luxurious bath in metallic copper and steel accessories.

Bright accessories in the bathroom.
Beautiful mirror in a light orange light frame and carpets with orange stripes will add warmth and comfort to the interior of the bathroom.

Bathroom with marble.

Bathroom decorated with mosaic slope.
The elegant interior of the bathroom, decorated with an amazing mosaic of glass tiles.

Modern bathroom with a mirror in a black frame original and creative decoration of one of the walls.

Fresh bathroom furnishings.
Green Chinese-style wallpaper and mirrors in gilded frames make the interior a fresh and luxurious bathroom.

The bathroom in black and white.
Stylish black and white bathroom with a variety of industrial-style parts.

French-style bathroom.
Cozy bathroom in the style of Provence with amazing wrought iron accessories and wood furnishings.

Bathroom in cottage style.
A small bathroom with a delicious finish dark tile and wooden furniture.

Amazing suite in country style.
An amazing combination of multicolored mosaics, coarse wood and marble.

Wide stripes on the walls of the bathroom.
Wide strips of coin colors visually increase the space for a small bathroom.

A small bathroom in a country style.
Brass accessories and carved screens make the bathroom a refined and unique.

Classic-style bathroom.
Wonderful bathroom with white chocolate walls and luxurious crystal chandelier.

Bath in a minimalist style.
Functional and comfortable interior bathroom where there is nothing superfluous.

Oriental-style bathroom.
Simple and elegant bathroom decoration in oriental style.

Spectacular bathroom with walls, stylized metal sheets.

It will be interesting to learn about the most effective ways for the bathroom, which makes it possible to restore gloss, glamor and beauty.