the options combine bathroom and toilet

Shower/toilet combo - great idea when there is
Shower/toilet combo great idea when there is limited space

The combination of bath and toilet ambiguous question. The increase in the bathroom area – is quite tempting, especially when considering the size of both the original premises. For some, the only way in which the washing machine will find its place in the house, someone just wants to do something unusual in the course of the apartment. What are the "professionals" and against "can occur in the question of the combined bath and toilet, let's look.

So, let's summarize. In any case, it is possible and necessary to think of the combined bathroom and toilet. Probably this option is perfect for apartments, number of passengers, of which no more than two, maximum three people. Provided that the composition does not include children. The presence of children at home is taken into account separately, due to the natural need to take action at that time and without expectations.

If a person living in the apartment, sedankombination of bath and toilet will be the natural things. Combining the two facilities is even more relevant when it comes to a second toilet in the apartment. Perhaps think of the merger, it is necessary in the case of very small area in the bathroom.

Design bathroom and toilet in black and white.

Design baths and toilets with colorful tiles.

Photo Design bath and toilet in purple tones.

Design bath and toilet in pink.

The design of bath and toilet in brown and beige tones.