the simpler better eco house built clay

pictures clay & cobb homes | Round Cob

pictures clay & cobb homes | Round Cob House Built by the Mudgirls

Environmentally friendly house built of mud.
Currently very popular to live in harmonimed nature. Therefore, many countries are trying architects to design an environmentally friendly home, having a minimal negative impact on the environment. "The easier the construction of the house, the more comfortable to live in it" – says the designer, who designed modern houses from clay.

Responsible architect Udo Heimermann.
German architect Udo Heimermann encourages living in harmony with nature while focusing on creating environmentally friendly housing. Rationalized organic forms, the use of energy-saving technologies – all this makes the construction of the desired accommodation.

Eco-house with a green roof.
The basic building materials in the house extraordinary clay. It has excellent moisture and heat insulating properties. In addition, methods used in building buildings, which reduce heat losses and CO2 emissions.

Solar panels on the roof of the house – an alternative energy source.

Environment home with a minimum indicator of CO2 emissions in the atmosphere.
Another original eco-house was designed by American specialists studio revelations architects. Guided by the principles of sustainable construction, they could build an echo house only 33 square meters.