three big secret a small apartment 44 square meters stockholm

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Small apartment of 44 square meters

In a small apartment you need to find a space storage system, correctly allocate all necessary for comfortable living space, and do not forget the beauty and harmony. How to do it, when the residential area does not exceed 44 square meters? The answers we found in malogabaritki from Stockholm.

Mirror performs functional and decorative function

Bright colors always look good in a small space

Natural light Maximum
When it comes to a small space, then first and foremost the question arises, how visual to enlarge. This can be done with some design tricks. They are old, like the light, but very efficient: • Light colors in the decoration of walls and floors are always working on the expansion of visual space. • No curtains on windows allow natural light to fill the apartment, and more light, the room seems more spacious. • Blank surface is also relevant for malogabaritok. They reflect light that influences the visual impression of the small space shown in this more. • High-level mirror, at first sight, seems to be massive. But in fact, installed near a window, the room fills extra light, and gives a little space perspective.

Ideal zone division odnushki
Of course, it is impossible to fight for the square-dimensional comfort zone division. In this small apartment was a space for a spacious living room, a comfortable dining room, a cozy bedroom and an elegant kitchen with a bar. How it was possible to do it and where to hide all the stuff (after all, there is no cupboard or chest)? • Zone bedrooms are placed in a secluded corner, literally a few meters. • Bed choose to install on the pallet, to hide things in it and not mess with the space with unnecessary furniture. • Living designed with a small partition, which also serves as a storage system.

Light dining area

The sleeping area is on the pallet

The high stage hid everything

Beautiful and elegant kitchen
It is made of marble finishing small bathroom. Noble Ash Gray contributed visual extension of the small room. To increase the effect of a mirror chosen minimalist and quite impressive size.