three recommendations for decoration small apartment

3. Small Apartment in Gothenburg Showcasing an Ingenious Layout Shop this look: table, couch, nesting tables.

Restrict any frame, cause of an interesting, non-standard solution. So you can only be surprised as being original design created by skilled designers for small apartments in which, as they say, turning nothing nowhere. It turns out that everything is not that difficult: you just need to think logically, do not be afraid to carry out creative ideas and seek advice from leading artists, as found in our current article.

Although you are a conservative and supporter of the classics, it should be understood that traditionally bulky items of interior design in a small space would be inappropriate. Of course, not necessarily rush to extremes, making their homes in eclectic style (above all because he, like classically, involves a large number of parts, which are still still in place in a crowded space). But there are optimal solutions like Scandinavian style, minimalist ceiling or through which you can effectively pull up any room, which increases its visuals.

First of all, from the overflow of dark tones – the remaining borders only to emphasize some or other subjects. Otherwise, the apartment will appear even smaller and becomes bleak. Use pastel colors, looking for an alternative to acromatic colors. If possible, give up blind partitions – usually close to "kopek play" can be transformed into an elegant, spacious apartment with mobile partitions or separate areas like color or furniture. When you choose those colors you will be very useful short color colors: with it, you will immediately see a combination of tones and how they look each other.

Mirrors and mirrors – It's an abusive design tool to visually expand the space. Gloss repels light, filling them into the room that transforms it. Carpet surfaces, in turn, teeth, on the contrary, absorb, so their use to a minimum.