time for change 7 brightest and coolest trends interior design

It's Official: These 7 Paint Color Trends Are

Time for change: 7 the brightest and coolest trends in interior design

What should live this summer? How fresh the interior and make it fashionable and stylish? Experts in the interior are constantly thinking about these issues, and for spring-summer, came up with a lot of interesting technicians.

2. Travel to India
Another striking trend – game room Indian style. This interior is dominated by yellow, red, maroon and red shades. It is rich in a variety of patterns and ornaments on the walls and textiles. Mix colors and decor – the most important feature of the Indian style in the decor.

1. More colors
Designers from all over the world converge the chances that this year the interior should be lively and optimistic. It is recommended to safely use shades of yellow, green and orange. At the same time it is desirable to assign some of the furniture such as a chair or sofa.

3. Wicker Accessories
Wicker furniture is always relevant spring spring season, but this year the most popular wide flower pots and other accessories. They look very original and make the interior comfortable.

4. Golden pots
This summer the fashion frontline broke all-American shades and not only in clothes, but also in the decor. The easiest way to make notes in the interior of glamor and playfulness – putting the pots in a room or decorating golden gold (paper) old. So space will look fresh, modern and fun.

6. Natural finish
A wave of love for eco gradually decreases, but notes Ecostil is still visible in the interior. For example, it is the year's courage to decorate the walls with natural surface treatments species – stone, wood, cork, bamboo.

7. An alternative to coffee table
No matter trends this year, there are things that never go out of fashion!