tips for bathroom design 10 ways produce effect

In this bathroom for a master suite addition

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Tips for designing a bathroom: 10 ways to effect
Everything that admires, and some delusional gaze, this art design engineer. The bathroom is no exception, even here the designer can create and surprise, despite the limited space. And the fact that the door to the bathroom, you can simply turn it off, giving it the right not to fall within the overall concept of the whole house: here you can create your own world.

The interior of the bathroom Ronnette Riley architect

Focus on the ceiling

Library in the bathroom

Wallpapers with Fornasetti fish on the ceiling directly above the bath are forced to keep an eye on them, while water treatments.

The mini library will catch the attention of visitors, maybe they even read something. In this library you can place interesting and fun edition. It is not necessary here to keep valuable or special literature and moisture-enemy books.

Emphasis on the floor

The interior of the bathroom from Clipsal by Schneider Electric

The interior of the bathroom by Matthias Bjørnsen I Architect

And here are the green tiles that play the same role.

decorative screens

parts of art

At first glance, you might think it's a trick, but it's not. In fact, it is a white oval on the wooden floor, which is extrapolated to the wall in the spacious bathroom. This is unusual, so it is interesting.

We pay special attention to lighting

Often bathroom fixtures are bought without muchrazdumyvaniya, but it was in decoration lighting play an important role. When choosing lighting for the bathroom, it is necessary to pay attention to the shape, material and color. Be sure to follow the rules and laws for construction, but the lighting – this thing work. Logico's chandeliers in the form of clouds create a special mood.

Flowers – This is the easiest and cheapest way to update and radically change the bathroom, and the vase can become a decorative element. Even a bouquet of eucalyptus or bamboo branches in a vase made of Italian glass suitably look in the decor.

Living plants in the bathroom

Of course, expensive marble Irish green color that has a unique combination of colors can not be made available to everyone, but the same is done with tiles, wallpaper or paint. Unique ceramic tiles in the bathroom distracting show and as a result the room does not seem so narrow.

The interior of the bathroom with DomB architects

Emphasis on the wall

Cabinets are sunny, thanks to their design, not only to solve the problem of storage of things, but they are exceptional furnishings.

Note how the shape combines dressing table and elegant lines in the cupboard legs in the bathroom. And if out of the bathroom window open stunning panoramic sea or mountain views, it will be beyond comparison with any other room in the house.