top five garden trends 2016 you need to know about each

Garden Trends 2016, to be aware of each Cottagers

The days of all heat, which means that soon the city residents will all travel to the country and to engage in the garden. Within the area of ​​landscape design, as well as in the interior or object has their own fashion trends. What Cottagers should pay attention to this year? We have compiled the latest trends, which will be useful to anyone who has a vacation home or a small garden.

The beauty of natural stone
Today incredibly popular rustic style, which is very suitable in the outer garden. Therefore, the development of garden furniture in natural stone. This can be a bench, a table, and even the entire mountain composition in the gazebo or in the free area.

Plants native region
Dutch roses and tulips go by the roadside. Today in fashion bushes, trees and flowers growing in your own region. Although they appear to be unattractive or insufficiently interesting, you can play with their placement in the discounts. For example, imagine in advance interesting landscapes that will delight the eye.

vertical garden
This trend will be interesting even for those who do not do the cottage garden. Vertical gardens can be shared on a regular balcony, some designers include such fitosteny in interiors. They look impressive, they do not require additional space and require minimal care.

stone BBQ
Another trend emerging from country style – the place in the garden round stone grill. Experts recommend putting a comfortable portable furniture nearby. It can be of wood or rattan, but the safest option would be metal chairs and benches.

unusual lights
We picked up another 17 brilliant ideas that will transform the garden and make the summer memorable free time.