Turn your cramped bathroom into a spacious haven

2. Add mirrors

Space matters a lot in small bathrooms. Installing an ill-fitting sink can spell disaster for years to come, turning what should be a pleasurable retreat into a cramped, nightmarish space. Choosing the right sink for your small bathroom can save you the extra inches needed to turn your bathroom into a safe haven. So, whether you’re looking for style, space or simply want to make a bold statement, consider the small bathroom skink ideas below for your bathroom.

  1. Wall-mounted sink

This amazing model can turn your cramped bathroom into a spacious haven. Using up virtually no space at all, it is entirely supported by the wall and pretty much stays out of your way. Having this type of sink frees up so much space, you no longer need to awkwardly manoeuvre between your bathroom door, shower, and toilet. It also leaves a lot of floor space, where you can place cabinets or even baskets to store spare fresh towels. You can also pair this sink with storage shelves installed above the sink to place a few items.

  1. Console sink

If you need extra storage space but still want your bathroom to retain a sense of airiness, this is the perfect small bathroom sink for you. This type of sink is mounted onto the wall, with two or four slender metal legs attached for extra support. You may choose a model that comes with shelves attached under the basin for storage, or you can opt to use the space beneath the basin as you wish.

  1. Trough sink

The trough or elongated sink is perfect for small shared bathrooms. It is narrow but deep and elongated and can have two or more faucets. This sink not only makes good use of space, but it is also a refreshing change from the traditional round and oval shaped sinks. It also creates a lot of much needed counter-top space for items like toothbrushes and make-up.

  1. Toilet-lid sink

This innovative design by Sink Positive creates a win-win situation for both the environment and your wallet. It is a truly amazing small bathroom sink that works by converting your toilet lid into a sink basin fitted with a hands-free faucet, and the water you use to wash your hands is recycled directly into the toilet bowl. With proper use, this design can save two whole gallons of water, per person, per day.