tv interior design small living room

We have assembled our favorite small living room ideas to help make your room feel more spacious.

It is reasonable to note that most non-domestic appliances such as TV, stereo or computer simply do not fit. Design technology is designed for interiors in the style of hi-tech, all other styles are present as a strange body. Let's consider some examples of how to set the interior of the living room TV – almost a necessary property, which is very difficult to adapt to the situation, especially if it is a small apartment resident.

If you can afford a certain eclecticism or bohemian style in the interior of the living room – perfect! Then you can easily place the place under TV next to the decorative composition of vintage boxes or odd shaped lighting devices. In this case the television in the small living room does not see lonely elements and will be part of the plan.

However, the actual location is still in the interior of the wall opposite the sofa, where you used to spend a cozy evening with your family. One must remember (and in a small apartment is especially important), the screen should be placed sufficiently distance from the audience to feel comfortable watching the image without straining the eyes.

As you can see, television in the interior of a small living room – is sufficient to show some imagination and make modern technology a part of a cozy life not so controversial.