UGREEN Watch Stand for Apple

Ugreen Wireless Charger for Apple Watch 1/2/3 MFi
Ugreen Wireless Charger for Apple Watch 1/2/3 MFi Certified Wireless Charging Dock

I bought the charging station for my Applewatch 3, as it makes the pictures seem like you can just lay down and charge the clock. In reality, this looked different, because if you put the Apple Watch in the notch, she had too often no contact with the charging unit. This was due to the fact that the loading unit constantly bent over and in the intended position no contact could be made.
There are better alternatives for little money.

The charging station is made of aluminum and matt plastic and is of high quality.

+ The charging cable can be stored in the charging station
+ As with the original Apple Charging Station, the magnetic port can be used upright or lying down
+ Quite compact and therefore well suited for traveling
+ A small groove ensures the correct position of the watch (when the charging port is used upright)
+ Price very cheap

– The magnetic connection is only held by a piece of foam, which does not keep the position well.
– In the lying position, the cable is kinked very severely.

All in all a great charging station. The price is great.

The charging station is shapely and well made. The outer ring is made of metal, the upper surface for filing the clock is made of Kunsttoff. Likewise the bottom. The charging cable can be wound up in the socket. Especially handy when traveling because the charging cable can be completely stowed in the cylinder. The charging clip fits exactly in the recess in the middle.
The clock can be laid flat for loading or placed in the hollow with a closed bracelet. To do this, the loading clip must be removed from the recess. This is easily possible from the back. The loading clip is then not guided in a holder and therefore only held over the cable. I think that's not so nice solved, so there was a point deduction.
Nevertheless, the charging station is a shapely and great product.
I paid 9.99 euros for the product. I think the price is rather cheap. I already had other stands with charging options that were significantly more expensive, but not so functional. There is no charging cable included.
The delivery was made thanks to Amazon Prime the next day.
For product and delivery I give a clear buy recommendation.

Cheapest plastic and no silicone or foam, if you want to load the clock sideways. The charger is more heringepresst than anything else, which is anything but good for the connections of the cable. That can not last long well, yes everyone knows the charging cable of the smartphone when the cable is kinked. The stand is also extremely shaky. Also, the charger is not upright in it, so the notch for the Watch can be thought rather only for optical purposes. All in all a bad choice.

Of course, EUR 9.99 without shipping an interesting announcement and expectations should not be too high, but what awaits the buyer here?

A thin-walled plastic bin with a slotted rubber ring on top, plus a nice-looking anodised aluminum ring with phase.
Yes, that can certainly be done well for this price.
However, it is noticeable when inserting the charging peg that the charging cable is very compressed and bent directly at the slightly thicker part of the charging cable directly at the puck by 90 °. In addition, the rubber ring can not hold due to the puck, and he always slips up from the rubber ring.
If you want to use the alarm mode, the puck is lifted from the rubber ring completely and the charging puck is held only by the now relaxed and no longer compressed cable.
It is foreseeable that the original charging cable will not sustain these burdens in the long run, and the favorable price of this station can also be seen in relation to it.
The offered did not suffice for me and went back by return post. Better to spend 10 or 20 € more and buy something better.

Really a great gadget for the Apple Watch. I hated it in the evening to fumble the charging magnet on the clock, especially since I have the Milanese bracelet, where the magnet also likes to catch the bracelet – a troublesome fumble.
With the charging station, I have no more problems. Although it is more exhausting than I thought to get the cable in the station, but once everything is sitting (after 5-10 minutes), then it holds. Just insert the clock in the evening, the night display goes on and the clock loads – that's how easy it can be! The material of the station is of course not very high quality processed, simple plastic with rubber attachment. But it seems stable and is also fixed on the bedside table. About the durability, I can not give any information, but think for 10 ¬ you can not go wrong. From my point of view here is price / performance ratio and I am fully satisfied!

In any case, I can not understand all the positive reviews. I did not like the part and sent it back directly. The charging magnet for the Apple Watch can not be fixed properly in the middle. The whole middle ring can not, as shown in the photos, be folded up (then the charging magnet flies out) For the clock in the night mode to load totally useless and little thoughtful. The charging cable itself is fumbling to mount.

Smart, well packaged and is now on the shelf. However, I'm afraid that my Apple charging pad for the  watch eventually breaks because of the housing must be kinked. I have two hangovers that like to nibble on something. Therefore, the pallet remains sunk in the housing. Whether that mittens the cable in the long term is questionable. If that were better solved, give it 5 stars

Can not recognize the benefits of this stand. The notch offers no support for the 42er. The cable always sticks out too high if you press the bottom where the cable is wrapped up again. With Milanese bracelet, you can not lay the clock flat otherwise very well made. Therefore the 2nd star. Sorry, but without this stand the handling when charging the Apple Watch is a lot less complicated, it seems to me.

He does what he should my watch rests overnight on it and by the location of the clock it switches directly into the alarm clock ⏰ screen loading works perfectly the workmanship is for the price of the hammer.
Clear purchase recommendation for this product fulfills what is promised and is ne cheap way to load the clock and put in alarm mode ??????