under shade ancient oak huge mansion skillfully hiding their true sizes

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Oak Pass House – mansion in southern California.
On the picturesque hillside slope lies the beautiful manor house with a pool transparent like glass. The actual size of the house (740 sqm.) Skilled by a non-standard planning: part of it is hidden underground, and the facade is covered with glass sliding doors, reflecting the hundred years old oaks.

Architectural Design Walker Verkstad's company.
The Walker Workshop Workshop completes the construction of a luxury villa Oak Pass House, located on a hilly hillside in the sheltered oak forest (Southern California, USA). A rather large part of the house is hidden by the fact that the first floor is built under ground level and therefore not visually striking.

Oak Pass House – mansion with a 23-meter pool.
By creating such a large living space, Architects were guided by the wish that the client (violinist) has enough space for music performances. Several terraces surround the house. Particular attention is paid to a 23-meter swimming pool, reminiscent of a mirror surface that reflects the 100-year oaks. Designers also suggested that anyone who wants to jump in the pool can be used instead of oak branches.

Oak Pass House. The lower level.

Oak Pass House – a manor house in oak grove.
Another house, like the individual decoration pool, built in Spain. Vivi sv Somosaguas also, as a huge sculpture on a white pedestal, is reflected in the surface of the water tank.

Oak Pass House. Living room.
Due to the warm climate, in the field of the house, it used a lot of glass: almost over the walls replaced with wide transparent sliding doors. On the lower level, on the contrary, it is dominated by a construction concrete, allowing the head to keep cold in the warmest days.