unique cabrio furniture from jardin de ville studio

In the world of modern design outdoor furnitureHe tries to achieve harmony with the environment. In our time, everyone no longer enjoy the rest on the wild beaches of spartan conditions, wanting all the maximum comfort during their holiday in the knot of nature.

That's why talented architects are constantly searching for new ways in creating outdoor furniture and all kinds of accessories to choose to provide us with comfort and well-being during your vacation.

This unique modern complex can be varied in something you liked the place – on the farm of a country cottage near the pool in the garden among exotic plants in a villa in the coastal mountains of the Adriatic Sea or on the shore of the mountain lake away from civilization.

Includes soft chairs of sammaakarell color with their tent and their number depends on your wishes, as well as original folding tables – stand and other small accessories.

This wonderful modern version of outdoor furniture will make your dream vacation a secluded dong scenery.

Leaves openly only one of the four planes, to enjoy the beautiful scenery in the surroundings.