unique furniture transformer in the hallway

modern hall

Every member of the family is dreaming about its corner, but not always, this is the area.

Of course, in this case, it will support convertible furniture.

This is more than just furniture, it is stored in close and dark space, maximum use of it. Here is a construction born corridor.

Its main features – versatility and compactness.

Input transformer

Her landlord wanted the apartment now has a place where he could hang out with his friends.

The main trick is that sidewall cabinet and pulled out a small table turns, and stands next to a low chest of massive walnut replacing chairs.



In the closet, the department allows storage of alcohol and shelves for wine glasses and glass.

To hide them, shelves easily distribute and hallways take on a completely different look – the shelves are decorated with vases and statuettes.

Bar with alcohol

practical cabinets

In the bottom box are elite varieties of cigars, and here you can store board games: backgammon, chess, controllers, domino and cards.

Cargo storage box

The project has raised a lot of answers. People appreciated color setting, open and bright chandelier functionality.

As used in the tree, it is the perfect material for furniture making.

The idea of ​​creating a home spinning mini bar and the sled as men.

But the presence of only two places to place it was a technical error.