Unlimited ideas for chic bathroom tile designs

18 Functional Ideas For Decorating Small Bathroom In A Best Possible Way

Designers have created a whole new world of varieties in the bathroom tiles because tiles are the most used material in the bathroom. Fabulous designs in dynamic materials are available in the bathroom accessories markets.


Tiles are considered the best material for the flooring of bathroom. Besides tiles marbles, plain cemented and wooden flooring is also used extensively but tiles is selected as a top priority because of the following reasons,

  • It is easy to clean these bathroom tile and it freshens up the space,
  • It reflects light,
  • They are quite durable as compared to other flooring materials,
  • It gives the floor a polished look.


  • Tiles are more expensive than paint, so care should be taken while buying the tiles regarding the quantity of the tiles used,
  • Tiles are a bit more slippery than the marble or other flooring stuff, so it is necessary to keep the tile floor dry,
  • The positive aspect of using bathroom tiles as flooring is because they have a resale value also, particularly the white and off white color.


Following are the major three bathroom tile ideas for your bathroom,


Border tile,


Shower tile.


This idea is used for decorative wall covering. It starts from the bottom edges of the bathroom wall and extends up till the half of the walls. The material used to do wainscoting is wooden tile. Another benefit of doing wainscoting is that it is used as a back splash if it is fixed high above the sinks.


A border tile is a quite budgetary style of designing your bathroom. You can use this style with an addition of a stripe of mosaic tile or colored glass along the top.


It is the most extensively used bathroom flooring style in the whole world. Before selecting your favorite design of tile, make sure that tiles are slip resistant, can stand up to water and easy to clean type. Never forget to go for a porosity form of tiles which should be impervious in nature because in the bathroom you have a complete exposure to water.


For giving your bath cabins and shower area a perfect eye catching finish, tile up the floor and whole walls of the cabin. These tiles have a water resistant ability and prevent you from slipping in the bath area.

So, depending upon your budget, choose the best one style design to brighten up you’re the bathroom.