unprepossessing from outside but cozy inside tree house


Tree Sparrow House – a house on a tree.
Online service custom rental housingAirbnb is happy to present the next original house where spending the weekend fine. This tree plot area is just a few square meters. He homely from the outside but very comfortable inside.

Treehouse designer designer Jonathan Melville-Smith.
Treehouse Tree Sparrow House is iCornwall (England). This building belongs to the landscape designer Jonathan Melville-Smith (Jonathan Melville-Smith). Building a house, the man realized his childhood dream. When the owner spent a couple of nights there, I felt a kind of sentimental charm in a small shelter. After a while, he would have experienced such a feeling of others and started taking housing for rent.

Tree Sparrow House. Interior.

Tree Sparrow House – house, built around a tree.
Tree Sparrow House – A house on a tree in direct mark, t. If you want. It is built around the tribe without supplies. Exterior design is very simple, but in the interior of real wood, it radiates comfort and warmth.

Tree Sparrow House. Living room, kitchen.
Perhaps was building a tree trunk, performing children's dreams. But, if you are a miniature house, then the other trees are all locked.

Tree Sparrow House. Bedroom.

Tree Sparrow House. Composting toilet in a tree house.
Tree Sparrow House duplex. Top completely occupies the bed, and the lower space has a living room, kitchen with a mulltoa. The night will cost $ 145 among the tree tops.