unusual interior design with tree inside house

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Traditionally, it is likely to talk about the "tree in the house," due to the finishing of floors, walls, ceilings, and less often, in some cases the presence of bonsai at home. Architects from Hironaka Ogawa & Associates changed their views on the concept of trees inside the house. For his client Kagawa, Japan, they have created a fantastic and unusual interior, where the trees live and interact in the same space with the homeowners.

The project an extension of the house has been designed for the location of the garden layout. At this time, there were three trees that were connected with the family for more than thirty years. Many memoirs all family members have been put in connection with them. Defensive attitude of the Japanese that nature has long been known, and this case only confirms the established opinion – the family did not want to be separated from trees who want to leave them in their places.

The "wood" theme continues that the floor and window frames, floors used in warm tones of birch and window openings are made for interior work. White walls, furniture and ceilings – give the room ease, discreetness and contemplation. Large windows allow surrender to this process, as the windows overlook the beautiful courtyard, full of greenery and flowers.

The process of building an unusual interior – a tree inside the house.