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Space from high ceilings in small room use
Space from high ceilings in small room use for storage shelf

How would today neither ridiculed primitive Soviet interiors, an idea of ​​the past remained unforgettable forgotten. It's a breeze. The very idea of ​​storing things under the roof is definitely interesting. And when it comes to small apartments – even more so. But we do not suggest that you follow the example designer sovdepovskih, set a very scary pattern, but some similar, but more acceptable ideas can tell.

This miniature, engine open storage function as a purely practical and decorative feature, it depends on which room used this technique. So, for example, in the bathroom a small shelf above the door can be a haven of fine closed wicker baskets with fresh towels or drawers of detergent. If this is a bedroom, the shelf above the door can "grow" down on either side of the door, which forms a type of shelf where you can store all sorts of small things.

Those who are lucky enough to live in your own hemmed a loft, double trip, because the spectacular roof slopes provide a unique opportunity to make original shelves for storage. With regard to the niches that are easier to design during construction, but it is possible in the finished building. The great thing about this solution is that the niche can withstand strain, so it can safely store there even the thickest and heaviest books.

A classic example of rationelpodpotolochnye space – sliding wardrobe. Beauty! And a lot of places do not take, and the shelves do not collect dust, and things are hidden from curious eyes. Conventional cabinets up to the ceiling will also work, but they look less impressive.