very small dressing room solutions for small apartments

small bedroom furniture and dressing area design ideas

A place to store clothes and shoes at all costs even a small apartment, but instead of doing it in any way, it can be equipped with almost a full changing room just a couple of square meters.

Of course, even modern home hats are not a wardrobe or even room for clothes, so often get dressed – it's the only way out. But in this case you get the opportunity to do everything according to your taste, size and location where you need it.

In addition to the above, there are some small things, which are indispensable even in a very small locker room – a mirror. Make sure that if it was not in the locker room, then very close, maybe, on the inner surface of the door. This is to make sure to choose clothes, you will not drive every time to the mirror at the other end of the corridor.