village design spacious house converted from old barn

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Ancient Party Barn – a house, a converted 18th century barn.
Recently, the architects did not make surprising buildings that they choose for the reconstruction of residential buildings. By this time, the city residents were presented with modern homes, converted from an abandoned s / s 18th century barn. For unprepossessing the façade conceals spacious and cozy space with a rustic feel.

Architectural projects Liddicoat & Goldhill studio.
London architectural studio Liddicoat & Goldhill has completed the work of reconstruction of the 18th century agricultural barn and transforms it into a spacious house Ancient Party Children. Customers do not limit the design to any specific requirements on the house, so the experts have focused on maintaining the integrity of the old structure.

Ancient Party Child. Interior.
For this thorough work, basic material was carried out. I boards were dismantled, restored and re-nailed on site. The entire structure is supported by a steel exoskeleton and trimmed with high quality thermal insulation material.

Ancient Party Child. Interior.
Despite the apparent simplicity of the village, the house is equipped with energy-saving technology, heat pump, LED lights.

Mechanisms that have become part of the interior.
Architects filled house mechanisms are summed up by the kinetic energy. At the entrance to the place is a large glass door that opens horizontally, pulling the chain. By the same principle, and opened the gaps.

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