vinyl paper and non woven

kabegamikakumei: Non-woven pastel stripe PINK or BLUE (pastel
Non woven pastel stripe PINK or BLUE (pastel striped pink blue) peeled, put a cloth vinyl wallpaper stripe pattern pastel romantic girly pink blue!

Vinyl tapes have a lot of advantages over paper. They last longer, do not fade and do not fring as fast as paper. At the same time tolerate water, detergents, and have a high ornamental potential – because vinyl can be very different in texture, color, pattern.

Vinyl non-woven based has a much greater mechanical strength, but also the value above.

Vinyl on paper is cheaper but its mechanical strength is lower. In wet conditions, such as gluing, under the influence of the glue they can be melted and broken.

Vinyl tape consisting of two superimposed layers: the actual base and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) film. The bottom layer, or base may be made of paper or nonwoven. The upper layer of PVC, protects against water bottom, UV, mechanical damage. It is patterned or relieved, depending on the type of wallpaper. Additionally, impregnation can be performed antibacterial and anti-fungal compositions.

Vinyl is applied to the paper base special units, similar to the printer. They create an image. Its multiple layers, giving additional strength. Color and pattern vinyl tapes vary in a wide range in their manufacture, gilt and silverware can be used. Above the image on vinyl lacquer is applied, fixing it and gives water repellent properties. One of the biggest advantages of vinyl on paper – low cost.

Vinyl on non-woven bass is usually called "CD vinyl". Properties nonwoven and paper are very similar. The difference – in the mechanical strength. It is due to the fact that the nonwoven is higher than that for paper, is less deformed, is significantly longer vinyl on non-woven base, can be stretched without tearing, it can be used in new buildings, even shrinkable. The biggest downside – the higher price compared to vinyl on a paper basis.