vinyl wallpaper for walls advantages types

What is Expanded Vinyl Wallpaper? u2013 wallcoveringsmart
In recent years, Expanded Vinyl Wallpaper is gaining popularity. But what is the reason? Why this kind of wallpaper is special, how it differs from other

So far, the debate has continued whether or not to use vinyl tapes in the interior of a residential building or apartment. The vinyl wallpaper on the walls has many advantages.

In the vinyl wallpaper for the walls there is only one, but very significant disadvantage: they are made of synthetic materials and can contaminate the air of harmful substances. In view of this, vinyl taps in the interior of the apartment should only be used in these areas, which are often poorly ventilated, and that does not mean sleeping, none of the family members – especially children.

Best suited for finishing all types of vinyl tapestry kitchen, bathroom, toilet, hall.

Silkscreen. The figure is applied to the vinyl layer – mesh, or reinforced with silk threads. It may be characterized. When touching these wallpaper is similar to silk. Numbers can look extensive with a holographic effect. Background density 250-320 g / m2. You can use detergent when cleaning.

Structure vinyl. When the production of vinyl it is subjected to heat treatment in which seems to boil foam. Because of this background image, special structure, they are denser feel, have some "thickness", and can be used on poorly prepared surfaces. However, these tapes are easily scratched, their water content below.

Resilient vinyl. Suitable vinyl tape in the interior bathroom or hall. They have a clear invoice that can imitate an artificial or natural stone, brick, ceramic tiles, as well as increased resistance to water and steam.