vsjo kak na ladoni originalnyj dom dlja molodoj

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All in short: the original house for a young family
If your home has small children, behind them need eyes and eyes, you can not leave them for a minute. It's just not always possible to look at them, because parents must constantly move around the house. And the kids do not sit on the ground. Just one way out: open space, no walls and up to the glass.

The interior of the studio Tal Goldsmith Fish

living room

Dining room and view of the office

rest area

Israeli design studio Tal GoldsmithFisk has created a wonderful house B House for a family at Ramat Hasharon. Young family asked to do an open plan solution, to be able to watch the children while they are cooking or doing the house.

Designers have decided to open plan solutions. It combines the living and dining area. To separate home offices from the living room, glass and aluminum partitions were used. Elegant kitchen blends wonderful with the living room, while at the same time stands out due to the use of dark materials.

Dining room and kitchen

The kitchen in dark colors