Wall hung bathroom vanities add more than beauty

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The implementation of VANITIES is of great essence in the home. From the kitchen to the laundry down to the bathroom, vanities make work and/or preparation easy. Moreso, with the different variations and styles that have been fashioned out, it gets all the more interesting to have or desire one in the home.

Whether it is placed rooted to the ground or raised and hung on the wall, there is an aesthetic value added. And it comes to the wall hung vanities, this beauty is made explicit as the design flushes with the wall painting. However, a wall hung VANITY in the bathroom does more than just adding beauty.


The ‘floating cabinet’ as wall hung vanities are fondly called are about the mostly commonly used around the world today. Wall hung vanities in the home is one great article to possess especially in a room [like an ensuite bathroom] where space need to be maximized. The WALL HUNG VANITIES make the bathroom look bigger and also ensure a cleaner environment.

Furthermore, when it comes to keeping things tidied, this vanities hold the sink and keep plumbing finishing hidden. The elegant design and stylish finishes of the vanity unit add beauty to the bathroom- this should be a great news to the one who loves BEAUTY.


When one considers wall hung vanity units and their installation, it is necessary to prepare and be able to deal with the few associated drawbacks. Though these cons are really no big deal but for the sake of avoiding unpleasant surprises in the process of installation or after installation, let us take a look at some of the disadvantages:

  • Wall strength: This is tailored more on the precautionary end. Before a wall hung vanity unit can be put in place one needs to know if the wall can really support the unit. Should it not, then the weight of the vanity could pull down the wall after installation.
  • Less storage space: Although the wall hung vanity allows more space underneath it, most of the designs out there have cabinets with less storage space. You can beat this easily by work out your specifications with a furniture expert.
  • Price: Through its purchase and installation, the wall hung vanity unit tends to be more costly than the conventional ground rooted ones.


There are now so many variations of wall hung bathroom vanities. The variations could be from the materials used- wood is commonly used but glass has also been utilized in making them; we can have the ones with or without sink.

Whichever one you choose to go for, make sure you define your need by your TASTE.