waterfall in the country with their own hands

Artificial waterfalls will be an original visual center of the landscape in any garden or suburban area. Water that drops spectacular cascades or slowly flows down from the ledge to the ledge, adding glamor surroundings, will create an atmosphere of relaxation. A small waterfalls can build their own.

The choice of material for creating an artificial waterfall is determined by the characteristics of the site, the dimensions of future construction, by selecting a theme. For the arrangement of the waterfall, you need:

The most important point – pump selection. You want to use a special pump trap, while it's a cheaper model. For the surface of the device it is necessary to find a suitable place and figure out how aesthetically to mask or hide the litter. Dedicated waterfall pumps are designed for long-term continuous operation, characterized by high productivity, creating a relatively small head – the water has to flow with the natural slowness. Pump capacity is chosen based on the amount of water to pump and its height. For miniature structures can be used a powerful aquarium pump.

On the flat surface required to build a hill. The easiest way to build it out of stone blocks, rocks and smaller rocks, or use flat tile slate, sandstone, and other materials. Hill can be installed from the edge of the bowl or in the middle of the large container.

For suburban areas more suitable ponds free forms They fit perfectly with a website, well with alpine slides and stone parties, but surrounded by geometrically correct flowers, see better waterfalls with a round, oval or pryamougolnyi bed.

When choosing a location for the cases should be taken into consideration, as it will be convenient to add communication. The calculations take into account the depth of the bed height of the water drop, the size of the submersible pump. If you plan to plant seaweed, fish visibility, the dam must be deeper than the meter.

In a selected area you want layout according to the project, cut layers of soda. dig a pit to bed. For miniature structures enough to dig finished bowl with a polymeric material. In other cases, it digs a pit with sloping walls or "steps" on the perimeter.

The lower part of the pit should be very tightly packed, pour oil sands and grit layers. Well, spoil their water until bulk material is completely settled. then plank sealant foil PVC or butyl rubber. Note that the PVC film is less resistant to frost so it should not be used for large structures.

If the film is used as waterproof waterproof material, it is desirable to add two layers and fix stones and pebbles on the horizontal sections. During the construction of sustainable buildings Falls Lodge cement over waterproofing and drawn rocks or tiles.

The base slides desirable to perform either of the concrete (reduce the cost of construction) to use a fat clay. Waterproof base will slide film and butyl rubber. The base should be carried out with a small slant towards the bed, siphoning between the rocks in the water flows into the pond. Stones are linked with cement use.

The waterfall differs from the calm pond intense evaporation of water. Therefore, it is necessary to constantly add. It will not be a particular problem if you reduce to a minimal loss of water during its runoff from the mountain. To structure does not absorb water like a sponge, for the construction of slides required stone blocks of stone with dense structure. If you choose to use an attractive appearance slate, sandstone or other stone with a porous structure, it must be treated water repellent primer deep penetration.

At the bottom of the reservoir is a submersible pump installed and the water hose to the top of a roller coaster. or mounted communication to operate a surface pump. At the outlet of a hose to circulate water filter is placed. It is important to arrange all parts of the system so that they work properly, they are hidden and thus accessible for maintenance and repair. On the same scene mounted lighting, about such projects.

Pump equipment, hoses and cables required to close aesthetic materials reservoir finishing. on the slopes of the hills If you wish, you can install a suitable tank with rich plants and vines, add other decorative elements or landfills, combine waterfalls with the alpine image. It is also the last step is planted aquatic plants – they are best suited in special containers on the ledges of the waterfall bed.

Decorate holiday falls can be varied materials, arrange them according to color and texture. Imitation stones help create a wild cut with uneven edges, watching this impressive waterfall surrounded by lush dark green, poppy plants.

Rounded stone blocks and gravel with water run-in well with sculptures and ceramics – For example, the water can sink from the large broken cannula. Like a waterfall will add Entourage bright flowers and ranks.