we make soft beanbag with their hands

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You do not have to go to the store for a chair or chair, if your interior is not enough seating. You can take care of the creation of the original interior of the subject, for example, to create a soft padded chair with your own hands. They are comfortable sitting in front of TV or lying down to read a book. How to do an ottoman with their own hands will be discussed in our article.

From the same fabric cut cut-out rectangles. Not to be confused with the future size, determine the length of the rectangle as half the diameter of the future pillows. Dimensions of soft padded chairs with hands in Example 5 * 30 cm.

Our ottoman is made with patchwork, a soft ottoman with its own hands, it will see in all the decorations is very unusual and elegant.

These are divided into two rectangular triangle with a ruler drawing a line from corner to corner, and cut diagonally. The narrow piece of fabric will be sent to the middle dune, the widest part – to the edge.

Get the crucial stage layout somottoman sew your own hands, it was convenient to sew the tabs together. We already have a pair of triangles, one of them, from right to left, to put a rectangle and to sew the machine from the wrong side.

We continue to sew patches until the sewing circle. To match the edge of the circle, fold it onto four, cut away redundant on the edge of the sector.

Rep put out a rectangular piece of fabric from the wrong side of the rope and fabric length should be equal to the diameter of the pillow pin attach the fabric to the front. See. Figure.

Now part of the fastening pins both pillows, facing each other, on the edge of the rope to navigate tissue.

Before sewing on the machine, sour cream all parts. Sew on a typewriter piece as close as possible to the rope.

Not short stitches, leave a free fifteen centimeters. A "window", remove the soft seat puff with your hands on the front.

The edges of the rope sew together on the front, the edges hide a hidden seam.

Fill ottoman filler, sew a decorative button (puff stitch in the middle).

The soft padded chairs with their hands – it's a gift for the whole family, they are the most comfortable to relax and play.
Congratulations! Now that you know how to sew your own hands ottomans. Enjoy your work and good results!