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In a neat, well-planned and well-behaved environment, it is much more convenient to live, work and play so it's so important to keep things in order and give each of them strictly designated areas. How to organize a large number of different, relevant in daily life and tasks of topics so that a free asset is given to each of them – we describe in this article.

In order to significantly reduce the time required to search for things, for example, in the office, at home mini-office or kitchen, you must use a so-called organizers for storage.

Simply put, it can be hanging shelves, drawers, bags, magnetic discs, shelves, attached to the wall surface in a certain area. In this task the organizers can place a large number of important points, as well as store small objects that are constantly disappearing from sight.

Wall organizers in the corridor

You know how important it is in the hall or hall, because it's here, often in a hurry, lost keys, hats and umbrellas. Of all these necessary things should provide special locations for storage, for example:

• housekeeper;
• Hanging cabinets with doors (for hats and gloves);
• Shelf for a notebook and pen, a landline phone.

In addition, especially for small halls, whacked cabinets or open boxes can be casual shoes, or at least make them just shoe for children. This will help release the floor area until the entrance looked more transparent.

Wall organizers are not just storage space, but also greatly save space in the room, make it collect and correct.



Wall organizers in the kitchen

In the kitchen there are too many things in place and, sometimes, it is so hard to understand in a large number of objects that fill the kitchen area. So, while cooking housewives often look in cookbooks, write recipes or make a footnote – she needed to have a magnetic wall slabs, pockets with pockets, clips for paper, office and others.


There is a placeholder on the wall for kitchen utensils, shelves for spice containers, tea and bulk cereals. In addition, we should not forget the multifunctional roof rails with hooks, grids and gratings for tools, appliances, cleaning products.


Wall organizers in the living room

The central room of his house, namely the living room, people with great love and care decorate and decorate by placing unusual items, souvenirs were collected from far away countries, a lot of books, thematic journals and more. But all this amount of beautiful things without a proper organization risks turning into a big pile of "glitters", among which the eye is simply lost.

It is not necessary to install the solid cabinet, frames or drawers, it is better to use a light, modular furniture, including suspension. As an example, note the laconic wall shells open and closed – they will spread things you want: something in mind, something for the doors.

Interesting and unusual appearance as organizer rack, consisting of boxes of different shapes and sizes, as in a random or orderly way to each other. But in any case, it is important to coordinate the design and appearance of the sections storage to a common lifestyle.



Wall organizers in the office

In the process of creating creative ideas, otherwise, you provide guidance that you need to make sure that no fines will not affect the concentration of attention, and will not impair the most important. However, it is possible only in a perfectly planned and equipped working office (or home office), where office supplies are not mixed with paper, books and important records.

First of all, we should organize books, folders, laptops and notebooks, and help make the hanging shelves and cabinets open type. You can also add some special boxes for stationery and other necessary items.

Near stationary organizers attach pockets, fixing gums shelves Essentials tasks, as well as important dates and events were constantly in front of my eyes.


Wall organizers in the nursery

If you teach children to order from very little age, you can not take care of the baby after the romp's drowning in scattered toys, books and clothes. And so that your child is with great joy stacked scattered things in place, it is necessary to organize a special, bright and beautiful organizers.

To help you, it can be used a variety of different-colored boxes, where the child will put color, albums, toys, have also been successful wall pockets (fabric or plastic) and compact shelves.

If you connect the organizers in the form of houses with windows and doors, they will not only feature functional objects, but also the decoration of the room.


Wall organizers in the studio

User's creative day can not without the processions the next masterpiece (scenic sewing of cloth or carved clay). At the same time, many of them can not allocate enough space for creativity, but colors, tablecloths, palette knives, a turntable and workpiece, fabrics and sewing accessories are just on the desk, near or below it.

Organizing the workplace is possible even in a small area reserved for creativity, so that the wall over the table must be correct with:

• open shelves;
• Special perforated plates, holes that are threaded mounting frames with clips, containers for containers, containers with paint, brushes, strips and coils;
• slabs with pockets and hanging drawers.