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In the midst of the amazing World Cup finals between Sweden and Canada, here is a summary of Week 20's interior designers and industry news. It's an unusually moderate summering. A little read-only to comfort with the hockey-o-interested. Nine others will see you tomorrow. Regardless, I hope you find something you like!

Svenska Domo Design has released celebrated press pictures on its autumn news. They expand the range with even more variants of existing models, both for outdoor and indoor furniture. See more HERE.

Kasthall has launched a new sustainable collection. Harvest is another step in the company's environmental work and the pursuit of minimal impact on the environment throughout the process. The carpets are similar to modern wooden carpets, designed by Ellinor Eliasson, and are made of left-over yarn coils from their other matte production. Hate it for it!

Mimou from Ronneby is expanding its non-textile collection ever more. In the fall they are up to date with new crockery pieces, a minifat for everything from jewelry to desserts, a larger model of the bowl and more parts with the Stain pattern.

Granite fills 20 years and celebrates with a nice book as well as a decorative fabric with their signature melody for the nose. A combination of spices, lilies, the smell of cardboard and wet asphalt. Exciting!

– IKEA initiates a new collaboration with fashion activist Bea Åkerlund
– Cervera launches a new service with Stig Lindberg
– Reform and Madera have opened a showroom where they show "chopped" IKEA kitchens
– The home's competitor Bovision offers brokers to become a partner

– Dusty Deco has opened its "new" enhanced webshop
– Finnish Artek collaborates with the Supreme hypad cult brand

– And Daniel Rybakken received Torsten and Wanja Söderberg's prize of SEK 1 million!

Industry gliding I know, but more interior designers should snail on exquisite Filippa K, which is now taking another step in its responsibility regarding sustainability. The research project Circular Design Speeds is run in collaboration with Mistra Future Fashion, and the idea is to find a more circular way of working with fashion.

And, in spite of fashion, the H & M-owned clothing brand COS makes recurring design collaboration in interior design and design. Last in line is a vase in collaboration with Dutch designer Oliver van Herpt. Read more here!

For a while, it was inflation in laminated tiles, then dish screens, then prints and posters. Next trip? Bed set. I do not know how many new businesses it pops up every week, specializing in bedlinen. Is it so high demand (or good margins) on the product segment belief? In any case, a company that seems exciting on a given topic is Scandinavian Tekla as Artillery just entered. Read more here. Finally, Linum has had a weekly presentation for his new Stockholm collection, launched this fall. The pictures have got a nice spread in social media and are widely acclaimed so it's no less than sales success. Good sunday to you!

Photo: Domo Design, Kasthall, Mimou, Granite, Artillery, Linum