Week’s Sunday Summary v 50 – 2017 – Trends –

The End of Easy Web Growth

Just one week until Christmas Eve now, and baked loaves of buns, cook cracked and baked gingerbread cookies in my kitchen. Here's also a sampling of the most sacked events that passed revy over the past seven days. Hope you find something you like!

Layered launches its armchair "Garner Chair" in the new fine color – Burnt Rose. But the press picture. Sexy girl selling stuff again?

HAY relies on Børge Morning's classic stools, J41 and J42.

Smålands skinnmanufaktur has taken new press pictures, signed Sundling Kickén.

Even Nordic cuisine has used the above-mentioned stylist duo, but do you see where the new press pictures are plated? In my room at Spinneriet. So fun to see it in their vintage.

The fashion company LOEWE foundations is current with a new exhibition in collaboration with Sara Flynn's ceramic artist. Tipstack to Lotta Agaton.

– Love Antell who participated in "So much better" 2014 makes embroidery pattern for Swedish The Folklore Company, in favor of Amnesty International.
– Oscar Properties sells another property, a sign of the troubled housing market?
– The journalist and potted plant lover, Theree Rosenvinge, launches the Pottery Pod, which promises inspiring listening for all plant lovers.

"Elsa Billgren and Sofia Wood are also up to date with a new trend-exciting podd. The first section deals with the phenomenon of the Friday Bouquet.

Stoff relieves them classic module-candlestick Nagel in a new black variant.

When Kristoffer Vural opened his bathroom cabinet, he realized that in principle all products except mouth care can be found nicely designed and packaged. Therefore he started Selahatin, who is now debuting with three different dental creams.

Orosdi-Back releases a new book about the style poem Swedish Grace with 650 images showing everything from architecture and furniture to objects in tin, cast iron and silver; sculptures, ceramics and textiles. This week I found no homage to Hemnet home on some of the big Swedish blogs, but on the other hand, I have missed Måns Zelmerlöv's superstars home, which Hanna Wessman made on discovering the artist. Have been well-behaved among the blogs. Check out the pictures HERE. What do you think?

Photo: Layered, HAY, Emily Laye, Fanny Hansson, Fabric, Residence.