Week’s Sunday Summit v 10 – 2017 – Trends –

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Sunday night and you know what that means. Time for me to summarize the news flow from the past days. Here's a compilation of the week's press release, product launches and gossip from the interior and fashion world! The week has offered unusually many industry-leading crossovers to "snackers". Enjoy!

The design and concept store Austere has opened in Almahuset, Stockholm. Austere is an exciting merger of concept store, showroom and a lifestyle magazine!

The H & M-owned concept COS has attracted much attention to its latest campaign images. Both for the garment and the trendy panel walls that appear in the background. The hottest wall decoration of the year?

Most often, it's popular perfumes that are bumped into room spray and scented light – but sometimes the yard goes the other way. Rewritten Bibliothéque, previously only found as "interior enhancer", can now be bought as eau de perfume from Byredo!

Bemz has launched its popular series of loose cover covers for IKEA sere Söderhamn. Tip if you like the oversized linen look!

Library of Fashion is a new collaboration between Librarian and the Kaplans auction house with the ambition of creating a collective site for sustainable design and those who want to consume a piece of clothing that is wearing a story. So good concept. When is it going to decorate faith? With iconic clothing from Rodebjer, Marimekko, Filippa K and Hope, a big fashion auction will be held on 29th March!

Fake brokerage advertisements should attract more families to want to take care of children who are ill or have a bad home. Learn more about the worthwhile campaign HERE.

– The world's largest image agency opens gallery in Stockholm
– Sandberg wallpaper has received a lot of cheer for Mari Strenghielm's styling of the new wallpaper collection Dalarö
– Hemtex rolls out a new store concept
– The Socialite Family site has released its first book. Pre-order HERE!

Danish Moebe launches a smart hanger that will make it easier to get your prints on the wall. Read more here! The week's most refurbished home for sale? Quite evenly between this century-changing pearl on Skeppargatan in Stockholm and the stylist Joakim Walle's pretty home, it seems that the latter of them got the most exposures last days. Enjoy more pictures HERE and have a nice sunday night!

Photo: Austere, COS, Byredo, Bemz, Habit, Jonas Berg, Moebe, Adam Helbaoui / Kronfoto