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How to Clean Your Sofa or Couch in
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Your sofa is your family's important cafe place in your home. It's a place to relax, cuddle with dear, watch horror movies, read a book or just bounce around. Because your sofa serves so many purposes in your household, you should disinfect it regularly, especially if used frequently. There are several methods that you can use to properly disinfect your sofa.

Before starting any disinfection process, start washing your sofa by vacuuming it. Remove all pillows and pads, and thoroughly vacuum them. This will remove all the crumbs or trash stuck in the fabric or hide behind the pillows. While you have the sofa apart, check the tags to see if there is a recommended disinfectant method or chemicals that will be used to clean the couch. If there is, follow the procedure.

For a fabric sofa, it is best to avoid cleaning with chemicals. Your sofa must not dry completely after using fabric detergents or other detergents, which can lead to mold growth, damage to the fabric and the development of rust on metal parts. However, it is advantageous to clean your sofa with a steam cleaner. If you do not own a steam vacuum, you can hire one from a cleaning company or from some grocery stores. A small steam vacuum with a trim mount that works best for a sofa. Steam-clean the entire couch, including pillows and pillows, and let them air dry. The steam will effectively disinfect your sofa, leaving it fresh and clean.

To disinfect the leather sofa, start by making a test spot in your chosen disinfectant in a discreet area. Regular antibacterial wipes or green spray with paper towels are suitable disinfectant tools. After a few minutes, decide whether the spray will damage your sofa or not, based on the test site. If you can proceed with disinfecting, wipe your couch from top to bottom. Let your sofa air dry, and then put it back together.

If your sofa has a furniture cover, regularly disinfect it to maintain the quality of your sofa. Disinfect the cover by putting it through a wash cycle and then wipe it on recommended coverings on the coated tag. For your usual laundry detergent add 120 ml (1/2 cup) of white distilled vinegar. Vinegar is an effective, green disinfectant and odor remover that will not damage the quality of your coating.