what do with glass bottles after holidays cool 25 ideas transform interior

The decor, which will transform the inside

After busy holidays, especially after the meeting New Year, there are a lot of empty bottles of wine, champagne, brandy and other alcoholic beverages. But not hurry to get rid of them. It turns out that these items can do good service and harmony decorate the inside.

Elegant and beautiful interior design
We can move on and put on a bottle of lightweight lampshades that are easy to make fabric and also the remains of the wallpaper or wrapping paper. Well, if you have some time and inspiration, the empty bottles can be turned into all magic items of decor, decorate them with sequins, spray paint, sequins, intricate designs and designs.

Creative lighting of glass bottles
One of the most creative ways for transformation bottles – turn them into original lamps. To do this, you must remove the labels from the bottles after leaving ships in hot water. Then you need a good dry bottle with a soft cloth so they lighted. Then the case for the small bottle must be omitted from the wreath and turn it on. If you do several such fixtures, you get a very interesting light installation that will create a festive atmosphere inside.

Lamps with hands

The decor in the same style
The bottle is easy to convert into a stylish decor. Very impressive in the interior appearance of the composition of a large number of ordinary bottles, vases, which are usually put in branch plants or fresh flowers.

The decor of the usual bottle

A great idea for children

The decor in the Mexican style

In fact, the bottle can be decorated as you like, and to use the many different materials: color, rhinestone, hessian, jute, fabric, wire, vinyl stickers. The most important thing pleased the result, but the process of bringing joy.

Making jewelry can be from any of the materials at hand
And yet, in addition to decorative features, bottles can serve as a practical interior, for example, as an organizer of jewelry. Comfortable, stylish and budget!