what do with old magazines 13 examples after which they do not want to throw

Top 7 Places To Donate Magazines When Decluttering
List of the top 7 places to donate magazines when #decluttering {on Home Storage

The second life of old newspapers

Sooner or later comes a time when the glossy magazines fill the entire bookcase and have nowhere to put. Colorful edition with spectacular images pity to send in the trash, but they have nowhere to store. We found some interesting ideas that will give old newspapers a second life.

trendy decor

Elegant bedroom decor
Today it is the courage to decorate the interiors the posters. To make such a home decor needs a nice frame format. In addition, you must choose the most attractive pictures. It can be a cover or elegant lap of your favorite magazines. It is desirable to choose color on the plot or to the interior, they saw harmoniously.

Elegant storage magazine
If there is a need for periodically reviewed journals, it is worth thinking about their comfortable and stylish storage. This can enable and use conventional wall hangers hooks and clothes. Then get a chance to kill multiple flies in a bang – decorate the inside and arrange the practical storage magazine. Only sometimes have to wipe them from dust.

Careful storage magazine

Unusual storage magazine

Table of magazines

Wall clock decorated with pieces of logs

Flower pot decorated with log leaves

Decorative flowers created from the magazine

Decorative wreaths are created from the pages of the magazine

The original decor

budget decor
In fact, not difficult decorating a minimum of effort, sometimes you do not even have to spend a dime. To see this is to look at the decor, which everyone can afford. We have 5 great ideas that help save.