what kind of sink choose bathroom

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Zinc without pedestal can be mounted as a cradle, that is, using special brackets as it hangs, or any type of "tulip" when the bottom shell is a special leg as it is installed.

Dimensions the scale
small – length – 40-50 cm, deep – 12-35 cm
 Medium – Length – 55-75 cm, Deep – 35-48 cm
 large – length -75-125 cm, deep – 48-61 cm
Small shells are very compact, but the likelihood of any splashes in use will end up at the polu. The space in the bathroom is more than enough, you can install a large or even double sink. However, in the latter case, it can use two people at the same time, the distance between the centers must be at least ninety centimeters.

Of great importance is the fact of which height-mounted sink. To high men it should be higher and for women and children – lower. Sidesteg or pedestals limit the possibility of adjusting the height, but the brackets make it possible to fix zinc at the optimum for all family members.

To sink so that water collections, it must be installed at a small angle. However, this angle should be minimal, otherwise everything in the shell will fall with it.

Accessibility cupboard under the sink is essential for small bathrooms, where every square centimeter is counted.