what lighting choose for bathroom

Choosing the Best Lighting for The Bathroom |
Choosing Bathroom Lighting: Consider your current finishes

The choice of lighting in the bathroom is primarily associated with the search for waterproof model. Another important aspect – is the look, and after paying attention to attachment and connection.

Of course, we need to understand the washing properties that are relevant to the lamps in the bathroom, in what situations they can be varied for optimal options, you should pay attention. Statement of the problem, what role do the lamps in the bathroom? As the main source of light bulbs, not too fit. This task should carry ceiling lamps.
It is best to use a bra for more lighting or lighting in a certain area of ​​the bathroom. Such light, which is close to the mirror over the handle, gives more light, so it is often necessary for everyone.

In this case we can not make strong-based lighting, which in any case will give shadows on the face. Lamps can get rid of the shadow and evenly illuminate the entire space in front of the mirror. In addition, the lamps can play the role of a secondary light source, for example, for use at night, when head strong light is not suitable and too bad in the eyes.

Natural satellite satellites – the temperature and humidity, condensation on all surfaces. Condensation may be a little if the ventilation works properly, and the room is not used as a steam bath, but completely get rid of it is not. Good bathrooms should have adequate protection moisture. As an optimal variant, selecting only the lamps according to the manufacturer corresponds to class IP67.

They are not afraid of moisture and condensation even theirs. It is much easier to keep clean and do not have to worry about the electrical part. You can use lamps with a certain degree of protection IP44 in such cases, if they are immediately separated from the bath to 1.5 m and more, bathtubs insulated from the rest of the screen surface and lanterns mounted at a height of 1.6 m or more. In this case, the reduced risk hit the lid and inside its condensation and water mist. Many stores also offer an open fixture where only a certain degree of protection IP27, IP20, but from these attempts should be abandoned. Is the space in the bathroom really big, the distance from the bath or shower more than three meters.

Protective brackets are mainly characterized by a solid hood and optional O-rings in all joints, including also placing the lamp connecting to the walls.