What to consider when getting a bathroom clock

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Yes, you read that right. The bathroom clock is one of the most neglected items when it comes to interior décor. In fact, it hardly ever crosses our minds to put a clock in the bathroom. However, this is a very important piece to have as it serves a practical purpose (keeping you from running late and missing your bus or train), while also bringing a delightful ornamental touch to the bathroom. It’s important however, to be careful when selecting a bathroom clock, as choosing the right piece is instrumental to giving your bathroom an alluring feel. We’ll look at the things to consider when selecting the perfect bathroom clock. These are: theme, material, shape and size.

  1. Theme

The theme you select for your bathroom contributes a great deal to the type of clock you choose. Whether you choose to go with a DIY bathroom clock project or a store-bought clock, you need to ensure it is in line with the theme.

For example, stainless steel wall art clocks go great with a contemporary bathroom with mosaic tiles and marble floors. There are numerous abstract art clock pieces for the contemporary artist, and an experimental person may also wish to try out one of the many DIY ideas available online. A bold round or square piece will create an air of simple elegance, giving the room a sense of timeless grace and beauty. The key is to remember that the clock piece should be compatible with the overall bathroom theme.

  1. Material

Needless to say, the best material for a bathroom clock is one that is waterproof. It is inadvisable to choose a clock with a plain wooden frame for instance, as wood is highly absorbent. With time, a wooden clock would absorb steam from the air and get destroyed in the process. Luckily, there are many materials to choose from, such as plastic and stainless steel, which is rust resistant. There are also some glass designs available in the market. The glass designs are best for a modern and contemporary theme, preferably for use in a bathroom which is not used by children.

  1. Shape and size

Proportionality is key, so one has to carefully select a clock of the right size for the bathroom. Shape and size will also be determined by where you wish to place the clock. You need to consider whether it will be mounted on the bathroom wall, or whether it will be placed on a counter-top.  For counter-top bathroom clocks, it is better to go for a solid, weighty piece that can support itself. For the wall, one can go abstract, or consider a DIY project.