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In mid April, there is only one place in the world where design lovers flock to the hundreds of thousands, and return home with suitcases catalogs, samples of materials and full set of impressions of what he saw. And this, of course, furniture exhibition Salone del Mobile in Milan or short iSaloni

No events in design are not capable of comparison in size with what is happening in Milan. And it's not just iSaloni. The whole city for a week becomes a giant playground for presentations, installations and architectural exhibitions: cocktails, awards ceremony, interviews, parties. Shops, restaurants, here and there, there are journalists with a red bag on wheels with iSaloni inscription. At each stage, confront with star designers. Hotels and airlines have raised prices several times, and sex who wants to get into a taxi often stretch for hundreds of meters. You can not go wrong – the furniture fair in Milan takes home level and Design Week.

This year iSaloni celebrates its 55th anniversary. The exhibition was Exhibition furniture accessories, as well as two Biennial International Salon of Kitchen Furniture (Euro Cucina) and International Salon Bathroom (Salone Internazionale del Bagno). Not enough for a couple of days to get around all 24 pavilions. It's a real construction safari can be exhausting, but it's really very inspiring.
The first thing you notice at once – new design designs. Several recent years, even high-end brands have not updated the look of their websites and it was clearly because of the crisis. This year everything is different: everyone is turned and in the collections of many new products. What indirectly confirms the conclusion – European markets recovered. This is good news!

The most important and predictable detective design that immediately recognizes – the new retro trend captivated the vast number of manufacturers. At the entrance of each booth modern furniture can safely close and call some basic signs of this trend, which occurs among the news. It is likely that you will get that point. It will always be a combination of marble, brass and velvet dusty shades.

Adoption to combine all of these elements – absolute commercial features. This is not bad and not good at it, and the trend is that most of it should. But surprisingly, even the leading brands have failed to acknowledge it before, and have begun to actively apply these ideas is only now when the trend is on top. Of course, this means its fast decay and forgetfulness.

It is necessary to take a step back slightly developing the trend, especially since he was one of the biggest and most influential in the last few decades. As is often the case with the trends and styles, most clearly they set the tone for decorators, furniture and not brands. And in the decor with the new retro trend of what happened: several years have passed, and she still has not handed over her positions. But to understand how all this came from vintage and retro decor worms, you need to move one more step back and take a wider perspective.

Surprisingly, furniture and furnishings in the style of Nyaretro are just part of a global trend, based on hipster culture. Everything began with hipsters, otraschivaniya beard, vintage sign cafes, picnic and burgernyh, hipster publications, instagram and tweed cycling progulok. One first culture had a huge impact on street fashion, video industry, graphic design (look at any trendy cafe, hairdresser or agency , so far: Buro 24/7 on the logo), and then later became remarkable to her right to take decorators and designers covered.

Decorators, picked up the trend of vocal talent, have developed the idea of ​​major trends in interior design, usually none of the hipsters. But they were the first to have experienced a trend, their capacity for new ways of thinking about old methods and, most importantly, they are well aware of the new needs of the audience willing to pay. Decorators like Jean-Louis Denio, Gilles & Boissier, or, for example, Joseph Dir arrive at an appropriate time. The press fell in love with them. And if the press is someone or something to love, fashion for it to be!
What is then different from the new retro decor, created in vintage style, which, for example, is very popular in the United States. It's just that – a new audience. Vintage and retro – just a tool, a reason tell the story of a whole new way in relation to a young audience. In fact, new retro – this trend (and maybe already and style), aimed at young people.

Many colors velvet juicy mustard showed B & B Italy and Imperfetto Lab took the "gold" theme to the absolute, presents its "golden" chair Nido.

But again, this time, minority exams can predict everything that will appear on most displays. But it does not disappoint. On the contrary, the most important goals are not resolved, and what will happen next to the forgetfulness of another favorite? The unique answer is hard to give. Far from obvious attempts to set new design trends and experiment with them. It would be logical to assume that instead of today's rich materials and colors of decorative style, moderate minimalism with focus on sustainability will again be achieved.